Duck Down Explosion

This morning, There was a duck down explosion. Caused by me, I’m afraid to say. Not by blowing up ducks, As you might think. For that would be cruel, And so out of character. (Although it is also all over the garden. Which would be the ideal place For blowing up ducks. Albeit a small […]

My friend Miss H.

Miss H. This is for you. One of the things any child will do, when they have fallen down, is cry. If they are crying loudly, bawling, then we pretty much know that they are ok. Their lungs are working, they are active. Good enough. We pick them up, cuddle them, comfort them and life […]

Get over yourself!

Perhaps I have been conditioned to expect disapproval. That is why I worry about being judged and shown to be irresponsible and foolish. Reckless, even. That’s why I’ve been keeping myself secret. Or so I thought. Someone from my past was unexpectedly in touch lately. I couldn’t have had a warmer, less judgemental, inspiring and […]

UKIP voters, read us, then judge.

Reply to a Mumsnet poster. Posted on November 1, 2013 by A Gypsie’s Wife This comment from a poster really made me think. I thought it was worth re-producing because the dialogue seems to have borne fruit. It made me think, I struggled to express myself in my explanation but seem to have got my point […]