My friend Miss H.

Miss H.
This is for you.

One of the things any child will do, when they have fallen down, is cry.
If they are crying loudly, bawling, then we pretty much know that they are ok.
Their lungs are working, they are active. Good enough. We pick them up, cuddle them, comfort them and life goes on quite quickly.
When they have fallen and are shocked, they will stay quiet and curl up and often sleep.
We check them and let them curl up. Cover them, sit with them and wait until the trauma is over and deal with the outcome.

Same with adults.
Sometimes you fall down.
You get up.
You deal with it and carry on.
But when you fall down shocked; you need some time.
Like the child, you shut down for a while.
Spend some time quiet.
Licking your wounds.
Quietly checking yourself for damage.
An animal going to ground.

Then you raise yourself.
Start finding the answers that teach you how you came to fall.
You find them with friends.
The true ones.


3 thoughts on “My friend Miss H.

  1. I still check but I’ve not seen anything for a long time. You have your voice back again now. You write and speak so much better than most people and myself do you should use your gift xx

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