Does it serve me right for buying poncey ingredients?

September 3rd, 2014

Dear Fiddes Payne,

Re: Jamie Oliver’s Pink Himalayan Salt grinder.

I spent £3 in Sainsbury’s treating myself to one of these. I needed a bit of cheer, officially homeless and being in my first week as a resident in a Women’s Refuge.

Although I’m on a very strict budget, it made me feel a bit more human to do so. I’m a good cook and appreciate good ingredients.

I did find it a bit of a struggle to turn the grinder, though. The crystals, although so pretty and so tasty are on the large side and obviously, hard.

On Saturday night, I decided to prepare myself a rice salad with all manner of yummy ingredients that would give me the encouragement, that I so need, to eat anything at all; instead of staring mindlessly at the walls for hours at a stretch, sobbing occasionally, into a cushion.

Rice, obviously, podded and skinned broad beans, petits pois, sweetcorn, segments of lemon, diced red pepper and chilli. Half a pomegranate (well, it was Saturday night), spring onion and (massive treat at 80p) fresh coriander!
Dressing at the ready, I season: but here’s the thing and the point that it’s taking me so long to get to.

The grinder just wouldn’t grind. I turned it one way, then the other. Turned it upside down and gave it a sharp tap to dislodge any stubborn crystals. No go. So I summoned all my reserves and gave one last twist this way, then that……. at which point the grinder unscrewed itself and emptied most of the jar of crystals into my salad. Not just in a heap, but flung, centrifugally, right over the top of it.

I picked them all out, one by one and set them to dry among the grains of rice that wouldn’t let go.

I couldn’t save all the crystals and lost most of the salad.

As Jamie himself says “A little goes a long way!”

I wonder if I could have a refund? It did rather spoil my night.

With kind regards,


4 thoughts on “Does it serve me right for buying poncey ingredients?

  1. So sorry to read this … you have humour even in the midst of trying times. Virtual hugs and positive thoughts being sent your way for an upturn for you very soon. Lx

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