Landscaper’s pancake labour

I am a landscaper’s labourer.

I am the driver.

Among other things.

Today, he and I lifted and removed one hundred  2 foot by 2 foot paving slabs.

The good old fashioned kind, that weigh a ton.

Each, almost more than I could lift.


But I shifted my half.

Then we removed the concrete and sand that lay underneath them.

By pick and shovel.

Loaded same on to the lorry, and did two runs to the quarry to tip off.

A ton load is all we’re allowed to carry at one time.

Came back, raked out.

I am breaking and aching.

But I did my share, proudly.

And we are glad to have done a good day.

And I am so much fitter this way than working in any gym.

Every muscle worked! 


Home again and a different work begins.



Quickly, though, I’m not going to make myself a martyr.

But a new energy comes with different work.

Talk to the children calling by, who come to tell about the pancakes they made at school.

Talking to the children, as I sweep and wipe and bleach, makes me smile and gives me cheer.

Then it’s time for the pancake batter…. and the advice from the children as they tell me how they made it at school.

Nice to know that schools still make the batter and cook the pancakes.

 Now at last.

Time to cook.

Stand at the kitchen top, cooking and dishing until everyone’s full.

Smiles and full bellies all round.

Then you eat yours.

Just like your Mum did, at the kitchen top , with the last bit of batter.

I loved my Mum so much.


And always best memories on pancake day.

I think she’d be proud of me, too.

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