Lucky enough to have a deer this week.

A doe.

Poor thing knocked down by the car in front of my neighbour’s, who picked her up, stone dead, and brought her to me.

So she was skinned and dealt with gently ….hate the word ‘butchered’… sounds too brutal.

We shared her between us and a cousin.

Everyone likes the fillet

I prefer shoulder to leg.

Neck is good.

Ribs are good for stock in the big pot on the fire outside.

I could go on……

Nothing should be wasted, but it was coming dark when I even started to skin her.

Fillets, shoulder and legs, then, quickly done on the table outside.

Plenty to go round and some for the dogs, too, and they never love me so much than when I am dealing with deer.

This may sound barbaric to many, but it is the circle of life.

Two fillets.

Two legs.

Two shoulders.

Trimmed and wrapped , I took the neighbours their share that night.

Happy with my work and happy that she didn’t die in vain.


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