New Start

Since I thought about blogging, since I actually found out how to blog and set up a blog, not much has changed in my life.

One thing has changed. I started to write and started to realise that I wanted people to hear me.

I wanted a voice.

I went to Twitter and Facebook and bit by bit, one or two people let me know that they were listening.

Through Twitter I started to read what other people were writing by following links and my reason for writing began to change.

No longer folksy stories of the interesting life I’ve lead and the lovely food I cook; I began to get angry.

Things surfaced.

I read Jack Munroe.

I read her robust reply to Littlejohn and hoped he did indeed polish his turd and wished he would one day have to eat it.

Began to read articles, on-line in The Guardian, The Independent, The Standard, The Daily Mail, you know the kind of thing.

Saw the astonishing ignorance of some, wrapped in their own world.

Then saw how many people poke fun at the UKIP.

How many groups there were to support the travelling communities of all kinds.

How many individuals, who weren’t afraid to put their heads above the parapet and get shot down.

I didn’t know how much support there was.

So living under the radar still has to be the way, but I think I can find a different way for myself now. I’ll speak out, through the magic of the internet and see if I can add my voice too.



3 thoughts on “New Start

  1. New year, new start … that’s how I believe it’s supposed to be. Doing nothing begets nothing, doing something you risk disapproval, disappointment … but it means you are moving forward. Often it’s more about the way something is done – and everyone should have a voice. I hope 2014 is a really good year for you, Rosa!

  2. Thank you Linn. I got lost for a bit, but feel I have things to say! Today the local headline was about residents’ ‘FURY’ at the decision to build two transit sites for Travelling people. One on a marsh and one by an industrial estate. Fury! Crikey! We’re not liked. (Who knew!)

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