How things have changed in four short months!

First blog at the end of August, after an agony setting it up.

Started reading other people’s blogs.

Twitter:  followed. Gained a few followers.

Started to read links to articles about politics, immigration, homelessness and Gypsy campaigners.

Started tweeting more, started following more, few more followers.

Got retweeted and favourited.

Gained a bit of confidence and started looking at a wider world.

Everything seemed to be going so well, on one day, 259 people read my blog.

Not much of an achievement, maybe, but someone was listening.

Wrote a piece about cold calling which required research, instead of writing gently personal stories.

Facebook on.

Husband not happy with the Facebook.

Facebook off.

Stopped writing.

Cold calling piece never published.

Confidence went.


6th January 2014: the first working day, resolve to publish any old shit just to get going again.

It was good to have a voice, even shouting into a void.


3 thoughts on “How things have changed in four short months!

  1. Sure you’re not shouting into a void – just because people don’t leave a comment does not mean they have not read, understood and enjoyed. It’s a bit like a smiling radio audience!! I look forward to reading more of your delightful blog posts through the year. xx

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