The original pull…

The Police just know who you are…. no escaping it We were working, trimming a hedge in the rain yesterday, Sunday. The passing police found this suspicious enough to spend an hour checking our identities, insurance and licences. They invited our customer to sit in the back of their car to make sure that we were not Rogue […]

New Start

Since I thought about blogging, since I actually found out how to blog and set up a blog, not much has changed in my life. One thing has changed. I started to write and started to realise that I wanted people to hear me. I wanted a voice. I went to Twitter and Facebook and […]

The worst

Sitting in the trailer, listening again to my husband in pain. Knowing there is nothing I can do. Hoping it will ease and he will sleep. Willing him to be better. Knowing that tomorrow is a different day and we will look forward.

How things have changed in four short months!

First blog at the end of August, after an agony setting it up. Started reading other people’s blogs. Twitter:  followed. Gained a few followers. Started to read links to articles about politics, immigration, homelessness and Gypsy campaigners. Started tweeting more, started following more, few more followers. Got retweeted and favourited. Gained a bit of confidence […]