I mean, good manners don’t cost anything, do they?

Went to top up the electric pre-payment key at the local shop yesterday.

As I went in, the assistant was about to leave the counter carrying an empty coffee mug.

Saw me; HUGE sigh, rolled eyes. Banged down mug and snapped “How much?”

Not “Good morning, madam. Money on your key? Certainly! How much will that be today?”

I shop there regularly, so it’s not as if she doesn’t know me.

I’m unfailingly courteous and precede any request with an appropriate greeting.

I remember my Ps & Q’s.

She is pretty surly, even on a good day, but that took me aback.

My husband’s livid reaction when I told him, was that she must not like to serve the Gypsies

I think it’s less complex.

She wanted her coffee.

She believes the shop would run just fine if it weren’t for the customers

She’s a rude cow.

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