Reasons to be thankful.

I am incredibly healthy.

(Long may I stay that way!)

I am extremely fit for a woman of my age.

(Ditto. I also make a mental note to embrace the grubbing about in other peoples’ flower borders and loading their garden waste and trees onto the back of the lorry. I welcome being able to haul myself up, using the headboard, like a chimp, to stamp down the rubbish on the back of same.)

My husband thinks I am extremely fit.

(In another way to that above. This, I also welcome.)

It is not raining.

(At the moment, although it may well do later.)

A slight lessening of the financial worry.

(We will not spend Christmas in the dark.)

My children assure me that they are healthy and if not completely happy; then getting there.

(Although I may not be hearing from them, too much, when they see what Santa brings. Only a slight lessening.)

I have a stepson who loves me.

(And I love him back.)

I do not diet.

(Again, embrace those borders.)

I do not weigh myself.

(Hugging those trees.)

I never would have imagined that I could miss them so little.

(I no longer have electrical gadgets except a washer and an ancient electric hand-mixer. Not even a hoover. Although I do have an electric kettle, I admit.)

I have no credit cards.

(I never would have imagined that I could miss them so little.)

I now only have one trailer and two sheds.

(Up until recently, I had four of each to clean. I never would have imagined that I could ……. blah blah blah.)

I have some very lovely high heels.

(I almost never wear them, but they are pretty to look at, and make a nice pause when doing out under the bunks.)

There is wine.

(Although, possibly not as much as I’d like.)

Time accelerates as you grow older.

(It will soon be March and the season of hope, even if we are not quite yet in December.)

My husband thinks the world of me.

And I do of him. That is all


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