Reasons to be thankful.

I am incredibly healthy. (Long may I stay that way!) I am extremely fit for a woman of my age. (Ditto. I also make a mental note to embrace the grubbing about in other peoples’ flower borders and loading their garden waste and trees onto the back of the lorry. I welcome being able to […]

How Gypsymen get their news.

Just a thought. Gypsymen and boys congregate in communal areas. That’s the way they hear news, share opinions, do deals and dare I say it, gossip. It’s an informal gathering, open to all and not needing an invitation. Women do the same, although are more likely to be found with the very young children and […]

Reply to a Mumsnet poster.

This comment from a poster really made me think. I thought it was worth re-producing because the dialogue seems to have borne fruit. It made me think, I struggled to express myself in my explanation but seem to have got my point across in a way that elicited a courteous and generous reply. Everybody wins. […]