A quick recipe when you’re in the Emergency Lane

Here’s a quick one for when you’re in the Emergency Lane.
Seriously, you have to be in the emergency lane to do this, though.
Cheap sausuages.
Never Richmond sausages. They will never make it worth your while coming home for the summer.
Lie the sausages on a bed of sliced onion. Season….. and then here’s the thing…. you know like you’ve see Marco Pierre White, on the telly, mix a Knorr chicken stock cube into olive oil and rub it over the chicken breast? He tells us he does it all the time because it locks in the flavour. Ok then.
Take a cheap Oxo chicken stock cube, they’re as dry as sawdust and sprinkle like dust, so forget the olive oil at five quid a bottle and crumble one of them over the sausages and onion.
Two quid fifty.
Bit of mash ‘n’ gravy.
Family fed.
Job done.

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