A little romance.

Here’s a little bit of romance.

The outcome is my present life.

After a very painful couple of years, I took a job as the manager of a retail wine merchant. Not ideal, but local. One evening, a man came in with a young woman. She couldn’t decide what to buy and he was so wonderfully full of fun, smiling and teasing, yet warm and considerate. He had real charisma. He was the antithesis of what my life had been for a long time. I remember thinking to myself, not about him in particular, but in an abstract way, that if I could have a man like that in my life, I would surely be the happiest woman in the world.

It made me sorrowful for a moment but then, that was that. Never gave him another thought. It wasn’t the man, it was his way.

Well, eventually, I did meet someone and after a rocky first few months, we became a proper item and settled to a life that had a lot of cultural differences to overcome, but that was also a rollercoaster of fun.

A whole year later, the most extraordinary thing happened. I looked up and said “Oh my God! You’re that man! I’ve just realised who you are!”

Yes. It was him, one and the same. I have no idea why it took me so long to make the connection, but there he was. In my life.
Still in my life. Reader, I married him.

And these are my wedding vows……

I knew I could love you
The first time I saw you
Not even knowing
Whoever you were

You were the one
The one I had longed for
So full of laughter
And teasing and fun

Tall and strong
With your flat cap on
You filled the place
When you broke into song

You were the one
The one I had longed for

I knew I could love you…….

Now you know that I love you

From first day forward
Shoulder to shoulder
Always together
Just me and you

And now so it will be
For ever
For always

Always together
Just you and me

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