How much of me belongs to me?

At what point do parts of your life start to belong to other people? There are many things that I would like to talk about; but discretion, about the present, stops me. There are many things that I would like to reminisce about; but the thinking that other people who were there, might feel I […]

Glad to be back!

Sometimes I go off the radar for a while. Sometimes, I have no internet connection and so have to stop talking to my outside world. I’m never quite sure when it will happen and always hope that it won’t. It may be coming soon though and I do hope it won’t last for too long. […]

A Breath of French air

From the age of thirteen I was lucky enough to be sent to France every year. Three weeks at Easter, to live en famille. One of my sister’s exchange pals, Alice, had remained a family friend and was living with us for a year and working as the French Assistante to the Languages Department of my […]

A little romance.

Here’s a little bit of romance. The outcome is my present life. After a very painful couple of years, I took a job as the manager of a retail wine merchant. Not ideal, but local. One evening, a man came in with a young woman. She couldn’t decide what to buy and he was so […]